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We are pleased to announce our latest project with Gaming tech company HUDstats, a comprehensive, user-friendly and fully automated statistics platform for SIS Competitive Gaming content.

“Our mission is to make complex gaming data easily digestible and engaging. This new platform ensures every fan and stakeholder of SIS’ Competitive Gaming content has instant access to deep, insightful statistics presented in a dynamic and interactive manner,” said Andrei Bălănescu, CEO of HUDstats.

Incorporating modern technologies on the frontend and leveraging the power of HUDstats’ mature data technology, our new statistics platform is primed to provide ebasketball and esoccer match and player insights, sourced directly from our live gaming feeds.

Within the realm of Competitive Gaming, numbers speak volumes, providing depth beyond the reach of mere words. HUDstats continues to enhance its robust foundation in automated data collection, with a commitment to pioneering the industry’s standard in data storytelling.

“With HUDstats’ tech stack and expertise in competitive gaming data, this statistical platform is a step forward in our commitment to offer our operator partners and their customers top-tier, interactive content. This is not just about presenting numbers, but also about delivering stories for a complete esports betting experience,” added Adam Conway, Head of Competitive Gaming at SIS.

The new SIS Competitive Gaming statistics platform will function as a centralised hub for our H2H Global Gaming League audience. Leveraging AI technology, it will automatically capture and process data from esoccer and ebasketball gaming streams, turning them into insightful statistics.

Users can easily access match schedules, view game results, delve into detailed player stats and even compare head-to-head data or follow a player’s evolution and form.

Designed with scalability in mind, the stats will be updated 24/7, and the platform allows for numerous gaming title integrations in the future.

While the initial release will focus on our ebasketball and esoccer tournaments, there are ambitious plans on the horizon. The platform aims to extend its coverage to more game titles and even real sports categories.

Since their partnership launched, HUDstats has been providing us with a highly scalable and reliable sub-second data platform for their gaming streams, enabling us to craft performant betting products for its clients.

Building on this foundation with HUDstats will continue to upgrade SIS’ Competitive Gaming offering, setting the gold standard in the esports betting industry.