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Derivative markets per race

SIS Trading Services

SIS provides betting operators with the most comprehensive range of markets and pricing for horse and greyhound racing without a large capital outlay. Our pricing, which includes Early Prices, Derivatives and Board Prices, enables hundreds of thousands of betting opportunities a year for both retail and online customers globally.

Our Trading Services can complement your existing trading resource or offer a fully outsourced pricing solution. SIS’s specialist teams have developed industry-leading algorithms to analyse sporting data, which assists our trading team in delivering high-quality, real-time prices. Our prices and Trading Services allow operators to easily expand their product offering without the commitment of having to increase headcount to employ in-house expertise.

Our recent investment in RACELAB further enhances our racing offering, providing operators with more racing data, informatics and enhanced pricing services. For more information click here


Our extensive range of derivative markets provide operators with thousands of additional betting opportunities across horse and greyhound racing and can help attract new audiences.

SIS’s specialist trading team produce over 20 separate fixed price derivative markets for each event including Match Bets, Place Betting and Betting Without The Favourite, as well as popular spin and win markets like Odds vs Evens and Inside vs Outside.

SIS Horse Racing Derivative Markets

SIS Greyhound Derivative Markets

Complete Outsourced Trading Services

SIS can provide operators with a customised pricing solution tailored to their business needs. The operator-specific enhanced Trading Service can be offered on all SIS pricing content.

Our specialist traders and quantitative analysts can provide a fully outsourced trading service to operators which can include configurable trading strategies, risk management and bet analysis.

Configurable Trading Strategies

All of our markets and prices can be created to fit in with any trading strategies that operators may want to implement.

Bet Analysis

Our specialist traders and quantitative analysts can help operators to increase their betting margins by reviewing their betting data and providing consultancy on how to improve the margin across their horse and greyhound products.

Bespoke advisory and analysis service – retrospective operator betting analysis and advice on trading policies to help customers maximise their returns on the SIS product.

We have seen a dramatic improvement in the speed and accuracy of price delivery in the greyhound service since the SIS trading team have overseen the compilation of this data.

It has given the markets a far better structure and consistency from opening show through to Starting prices and resulted in a significant increase in margins.

Gary Pearce, Director of Betting and Gaming, Arkin Group

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Key benefits

Increase betting revenue

Our specialist trading team provide operators with over 100,000 betting opportunities every year.

Introduce new products without increasing overheads

Operators can add new racing products and markets without having to increase their overhead by employing their own specialist traders.

Consistent high-margin

Horse and Greyhound racing have traditionally provided our customers with margins between 11-22%. Our team of expert traders have also consistently helped operators beat the theoretical margin they would usually expect.

Attract new customers

Our derivative markets can help operators attract new customers to racing with easy to understand spin and win, casino style markets like “odds vs evens”.

Flexible solution for operators of all sizes

We can offer a range of trading solutions to meet the needs of operators of all sizes.

Easy integration

Single feed for all betting data and pricing via XML or JSON.

Easy integration

All of our products are easy to integrate to ensure our partners can go live and drive revenue as quickly as possible. We provide support throughout and easy to follow documentation.

Commercial partnership

For over 30 years, SIS have worked in partnership to help operators maximise their revenues with our products and services.

Our general commercial terms are based on revenue share to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. We also provide marketing support to help you launch the product and drive betting revenues and also provide ongoing betting analysis to help you maximise your margins.

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