At SIS we are committed to supporting our customers

Throughout their partnership with us, from the first contact, though integration, to the “in-life” support of our services, operators will experience a best-in-class support service from SIS.

We understand the challenge that most operators face around their development roadmaps so we work hard to ensure the integration process for our products is as straightforward as possible and provide support all the way through the process.

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Path to go live

Kick-off meeting

To set out how we will work together throughout the integration process.

Step by step support

The SIS team are on hand to answer your questions during integration including support with product placement.

Live service

Launch date agreed and test account details provided to our team.

We worked to tie the SIS feed into other feeds we had running consecutively, and we found the process easy to understand and integrate. Now customers of Geoff Banks Online enjoy a seamless stream of SIS data and pictures which helps grow our turnover.

Highly recommended for ease and cooperation.

Geoff Banks – CEO, Geoff Banks Online

Our process

Once you start the integration process with SIS you will be introduced to our expert team who will provide dedicated support to you to get you live as soon as possible including:

  • Kick-off meetings to discuss your requirements and address any initial queries
  • Supply of technical documentation
  • Set-up of test feeds
  • Regular catch-up calls to remove any blockers
  • Support via instant messaging communication throughout

Easy integration

All of our products are easy to integrate to ensure our partners can go live and drive revenue as quickly as possible. We provide support throughout and easy to follow documentation.


Your technical teams will be provided with easy to follow technical documentations to help them through the integration process to enable operators to start driving betting revenue from our products as quickly as possible.

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At the core of our offer is short-form betting content which provides operators with quick-fire, frequent betting events throughout the day for both retail and online operators anywhere in the world.

Find out how we can help you acquire more customers and create more revenue with our market-leading betting content.

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