Live numbers draws with personality

Our popular numbers content provides retail and online bookmakers with a range of numbers products to appeal to a diverse betting audience to drive profitable betting 24/7.

Our portfolio offers operators over 200,000 betting events every year and includes the world-famous 49’s Original Live Draw, 39’s, Fast 15’s, and Irish Lotto Bet & World Lottos.

The range of live draws offers something for all types of customers from those who want to win big in the 49’s Original Live Draw to those who want a regular betting opportunity with Fast 15’s offering a draw every 3 minutes.

The benefits of 49’s portfolio of live numbers draws

Increased betting turnover

Over 200,000 highly engaging live draws each year.

Attract new audiences

Universally understood product that is very popular with a wide demographic of ages and genders.

Increase lifetime value of customers

24/7 content with a betting event every two minutes, which means there is always a betting event to keep customers engaged.

Proven success

49’s significantly outperforms competitors in a number of key territories including local lotteries!

Our Numbers Products

49’s The Original Live Draw

49’s is the market-leading fixed-odds live numbers product that provides online and retail operators globally with high-quality, high-margin live numbers draws.

Our highly engaging live draws are presented by a team of professional well-loved presenters and help to drive significantly more revenue per draw for operators than competitor products.

49’s has been globally popular with customers for over 26 years, who love the chance to win big from a small stake with the pick 6 from 49 format.


An exciting new product from 49’s which will provide operators with regular live draws around every 3 minutes throughout the day with a schedule optimised for betting, when there is less betting content.

These ‘pick 5 from 39’ draws will give your customers the sense that they have a better chance of winning, whilst still offering operators average margin of 20%.

Fast 15’s

Fast 15’s is a new numbers product from the popular 49’s brand. It is a high-frequency, live draw for operators designed to keep bettors engaged with a new draw every three minutes.

A simple to understand ‘pick 3 from 15’ format makes it accessible to everyone and proven to encourage viewers to re-invest winnings. Fast 15’s provide a consistent margin of 12% on average across the three most popular markets; Pick 1, Pick 2 or Pick 3.


Based on the outcome of the Irish National Lotto, there are 3 draws every Wednesday and Saturday. With only 47 balls it offers more chances to win than other lottos.

Highly Engaged Audience

All the 49’s products are supported by a popular website ( which has results, stats on the frequency of balls, information on the presenters and generates around 1 million unique users per month. There is also a highly engaged audience across our social platforms (Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) where fans can engage with the presenters directly and take part in competitions.

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49’s is such a long-established product, it’s been a great asset to us delivering plenty of engaging content at great margins!

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Easy integration

All of our products are easy to integrate to ensure our partners can go live and drive revenue as quickly as possible. We provide support throughout and easy to follow documentation.

Commercial partnership

For over 30 years, SIS have worked in partnership to help operators maximise their revenues with our products and services.

Our general commercial terms are based on revenue share to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. We also provide marketing support to help you launch the product and drive betting revenues and also provide ongoing betting analysis to help you maximise your margins.

Drive your numbers betting revenue with 49’s

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