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Best practice for integrity

Add 10% to your sportsbook

Competitive Gaming is a lucrative opportunity for gambling operators to leverage sports sims, a rapidly growing industry with significant revenue potential. Embracing our product can add an impressive 10% to sportsbook turnover.

Through a partnership with SIS, a leading integrity-focused provider, operators can maximize the benefits of this dynamic market, driving competitiveness, engaging players, and increasing profit margins.

Join us as we combine competitive gaming excitement with trusted industry expertise, propelling your business to new heights with compelling 24/7 in-play content. 

Optimised for betting

SIS Competitive Gaming is optimised for betting rather than for video games, which enables operators to maximise betting revenue.

Our high-quality production with on-screen graphics and betting commentary will help drive bettor engagement, and competitive match-ups between our qualified gamers all help generate a good margin for our customers.

SIS’s team of expert traders provide operators with an extensive range of pre-match and in-play markets and prices, with over 35 markets per match.

High Integrity

Tournaments follow best practice outlined by the ESIC (Esports Integrity Commission) in addition to strict operational measures in place to ensure that each event is fair.

Each match is overseen by a dedicated integrity referee, who is trained in ESIC best practices, and they have a real-time link to SIS’s expert trading team. As the events take place in a highly controlled environment, we are able to put robust player due diligence in place and suspend the matches and players whilst any investigations take place to ensure fair play.

Pre-match and in-play markets

SIS Competitive Gaming offers operators and bettors an extensive range of pre-match and in-play markets and prices that are familiar to existing sports and esports bettors providing markets that suit all betting styles. Our team of expert traders provide over 35 markets per match.

SIS Competitive Gaming Markets (Soccer)

Handicap betting
Under/over number of goals
First/next team to score
Plus more markets

SIS Competitive Gaming Markets (Basketball)

Match betting
Handicap betting
Winning margin
Quarter/Half betting
Points Band Markets
Plus more markets

“SIS Competitive Gaming really appealed to us, as it has specifically been created for betting operators, and the all-in-one offer provides an optimal betting experience.

Since launching the 24/7 live streams in August, it has proved to be very popular with our customers, and the strong margins and average bet value are testament to the high levels of engagement”.

Darko Zivanov, Group CEO, Maxbet.

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Key benefits

Continuous Engagement

24/7 in-play content.

Revenue Growth

Add 10% to your sportsbook.

Consistent Margins

6-8% stable margin for operators.

Sports Bettor Appeal

Over 35+ familiar sports betting markets. 10% cross sell.

Low Latency

Only unique streams to operators hosted nowhere else. 

Easy integration

All of our products are easy to integrate to ensure our partners can go live and drive revenue as quickly as possible. We provide support throughout and easy to follow documentation.

Commercial partnership

For over 30 years, SIS have worked in partnership to help operators maximise their revenues with our products and services.

Our general commercial terms are based on revenue share to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership. We also provide marketing support to help you launch the product and drive betting revenues and also provide ongoing betting analysis to help you maximise your margins.

Boost the profitability of your esports content

Get in touch today to find out more about how  you can increase your esports profitability with SIS Competitive Gaming.

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