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We are pleased to announce that SIS has become New Jersey’s first-ever non-tournament esports provider after signing a deal to supply our esports Competitive Gaming products to long-term operator partner, bet365.

The agreement between the world’s biggest operator and SIS Content Services Inc., the US division of SIS, enables bet365 to roll out our market-leading Competitive Gaming products to bettors in New Jersey, starting with Ebasketball.

Developed specifically for betting, SIS’ H2H Global Gaming LeagueTM hosts over 150,000 events per year providing a full end-to-end solution with integrity at its core and proven to deliver superior margins around the clock.

The Competitive Gaming deal in New Jersey gives bet365 access to our ultra-low (sub-second) latency live streaming, with visible ESIC-trained integrity referees for every game, and live caster commentary, supported with on-screen graphics including unique betting prompts such as form, players stats and results. The highly competitive match-ups take place in our UK-based secure self-contained gaming studios.

Richard Ames, CEO, SIS and President of SIS Content Services, said:

“We believe our end-to-end Competitive Gaming solution provides everything that a sportsbook needs – including the highest levels of integrity, frequent events, and superior margins – and that bettors in New Jersey will respond positively to bet365’s offering, starting with Ebasketball.

“We have made good progress to date in U.S with SIS Content Services Inc. and this new deal with our long-term partner bet365 is further evidence of our products gaining traction in this key market.”

Michele Fischer, Vice President, SIS Content Services, said:

“The United States is the second largest esports market and fastest growing sports betting market in the world. We are ecstatic to be able to launch SIS’ esports offering in New Jersey, which we see as the first milestone in our strategy.”