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Conleth Byrne, our Product Director, sat down recently with INTERGAMINGi to discuss SIS Competitive Gaming and why it’s a fantastic addition to your sportsbook.

As the line between esports and traditional sports starts to blur, the once underestimated vertical will seep into the mainstream.

One of the main players in the esports vertical is SIS, which has has been a trusted partner to the global betting industry for over 35 years, supplying quick fire betting content to online and retail operators worldwide.

“We are proud to partner with 400 customers in 50 countries, providing high-quality profitable betting content to help drive bookmaker revenues,” said Conleth Byrne, product director.

“Our range of horse and greyhound racing, virtual racing, esports and live numbers draws provide operators with a comprehensive range of engaging content to drive revenue, all supplied as an end-to-end solution.”

SIS has 400 customers across the world and it provides high quality short-form betting opportunities to operator sportsbooks and retail estates to help drive revenues and profitability. In terms of content, the company broadcasts more than 600,000 events every year, from 23 countries across five continents.

“At SIS, our Competitive Gaming solution is a market-leading esports betting product built specifically for sportsbooks,” said Byrne. “It features live head-to-head matches on popular gaming titles and is designed to appeal to both sports and esports bettors.

This high-quality and highly engaging content provides operators with 24/7 betting opportunities, with up to 150,000 live events each year and we are constantly looking to expand our content to incorporate more quick-fire betting opportunities.”

Traditional sports, such as football and more modern variants like fantasy sports are being incorporated into the esports space.

“Within the SIS Competitive Gaming portfolio, we produce live head-to-head esoccer and ebasketball events between skilled gamers at our dedicated esports studios in the UK, with multiple 24/7 streams distributed to operators globally.

“As an end-to-end solution built specifically for sportsbooks, our customers have access to live streamed pictures, high quality production with specialist betting commentary, on-screen graphics with betting triggers and data, plus an extensive range of pre-match and in-play markets and odds for over 150,000 live events a year.”

The company continues to grow and identify new markets. “We have recently expanded our Competitive Gaming portfolio to include a 24/7 stream of CS:GO events. This addition brings with it a new potential market for operators to attract a new audience of bettors, given that there is already a sizable share of bets placed on tier-one esports tournaments such as CS:GO, Dota 2 and League of Legends. Having been impressed by the quality, integrity and popularity of our sports simulation products, we see the step into CS:GO as a natural evolution.

“With the traditional, five-on-five CS:GO format, tournaments are sporadic in the calendar and do not necessarily take place at a prime time for operators situated in different time zones. Our intention, therefore, is to create a continuous 24ͬ/7 365 day a year CS:GO product that suits the needs of partners globally.

“That is what we have achieved through the development of our unique two-versus-two CS:GO product, which has allowed us to maximise events, while maintaining the engaging, fast-paced gameplay. INTERGAMINGi asked Byrne what have been the most enjoyable aspects the company has discovered while expanding its horizons? “It is the satisfaction of rolling out a product that serves the needs of operators, by engaging with a new audience.

“CS:GO is the most popular esports discipline worldwide and by producing a round-the-clock stream of content through Competitive Gaming, we have come up with an overall proposition that is unique in the marketplace and complements operators current offering. “Within esports, it is imperative that operators and bettors have full confidence in the product. With SIS Competitive Gaming, we offer an end-to-end solution that incorporates high quality production, skilled gamers, comprehensive data and prices for the operator. The events we produce are ultra-competitive and of a consistently high quality.

“Because we can control all aspects of the live event and use our experienced referee team to ensure integrity focus is at the core of our product, our operator partners and bettors know they have an esports betting product they can trust.

“Our popular Competitive Gaming content has provided bettors with a constant flow of content that is easy to understand in the shape of esoccer and ebasketball, both of which are instantly recognisable to sports fans. It ties in to our overarching 24/7 strategy which is about always having a live betting opportunity available to end customers irrespective of geography or time zone.

“Our esports betting product was initially focused on sports simulations as the content format is familiar to bettors. In order to help our operators’ partners with customer acquisition it was important to add tier-one esports titles such as CS:GO to our portfolio as it generates the biggest volume of betting turnover in the market place and bettors want to bet and engage with this content. We are also seeing increased uptime across in-play betting market across esports, which is also helping with engagement.”

“Given the huge growth in popularity of esports, which surged during the first lockdown and has not abated since, sportsbooks will continue to seek exciting new products to offer to their customers.”

“The high quality production values that we bring via Competitive Gaming will greatly assist in the process of engaging with bettors worldwide, including new territories such as the US.”

“We are currently offering over 150,000 annualised esports events. Our aim is to grow this even further to over 250,000 across a greater breadth of content, building on our market leading position, ensuring that all our customers continue to have the most comprehensive esports product suite in the industry, to optimise the revenue potential for our sportsbook partners.”

For more information on SIS Competitive Gaming, click here.