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Five states offer round-the-clock SIS esports content

We are pleased to announce that SIS Content Services, part of our SIS Group (Sports Information Services), has further expanded our United States footprint with bet365 offering our H2H Global Gaming League™ (H2HGGL) ebasketball and esoccer games in Ohio and Arizona.

After bet365 successfully launched H2HGGL ebasketball in New Jersey in late 2022, the product has since gone live in Colorado, Kentucky and, most-recently, Ohio and Arizona. Our product set has further expanded through the launch of esoccer games, with bettors now enjoying the full range of industry-leading H2HGGL esports competitive gaming content.

Developed specifically for betting, we produce over 150,000 H2HGGL events annually, providing a full end-to-end solution with integrity at our core.

The short-form, events-based esports product, which sees professional gamers compete in ebasketball and esoccer games from our self-contained UK studios, is proven to deliver superior margins around the clock, adding as much as 10% in value in the basketball and soccer verticals on sportsbook platforms.

The products feature ultra-low (sub-second) latency live streaming, visible ESIC-trained integrity referees for every game, live caster commentary, and on-screen graphics.

Richard Ames, Chief Executive, SIS, and President, SIS Content Services, said:

“We are rapidly expanding the presence of our H2H Global Gaming League™ across the US, which is significantly boosting engagement and margin for our partners. With content live in five states, our relationship with long-term partner bet365 has been further strengthened as we continue to assist them with growth in the region.”

Michele Fischer, Vice President, SIS Content Services, said:

“We are thrilled that our esports products are now live in Ohio and Arizona.  Both states have significant fan engagement in professional and college sports, and the H2H Global Gaming League™ has already shown to have positive appeal to the bet365 customer base.”