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Helen Ridley, Head of Sales (UK & Europe), takes a dive into our new Competitive Gaming product range.

Competitive Gaming was a primary focus for us in 2022. It’s an area we are both developing and enjoying plenty of success. We recently launched Competitive Gaming with UK-based operator Spreadex, including our new esports product 24/7 Counter-Strike (CS:GO) product with a unique 2v2 format that is easier to understand for bettors.   

Competitive Gaming at SIS also comprises betting sports simulations, esoccer, and ebasketball – both of which have proven to be a hit with operators in Eastern Europe – and we are now offering over 180,000 competitive gaming betting events a year, with more to come.   

Esports Betting has risen in popularity 

Since launching Competitive Gaming, we have progressed from delivering seven hours per day of live streamed content to five daily 24-hour streams and 180,000 annual events, all as a result of strong customer demand. Our competitive gaming betting product has proven very popular with bettors and has been rolled out to a wide range of operators internationally, including Polish operator Betfan and Maxbet in the Balkans. Putting Competitive Gaming in context, it is an increasingly important part of our overall product mix, and given esports gambling’s explosion in popularity worldwide, esports betting is not something any operator can afford to ignore.   

Built from the ground up 

Our solution is built from the ground up with sportsbooks in mind. When it comes to esoccer and ebasketball, there is a natural fit with sports bettors given the popularity of their real-life equivalents in many parts of Europe and elsewhere in the world. Our new CS:GO product, is an easy-to-understand 2v2 format and we fully expect that to also resonate with bettors in this region. In terms of the future, we hope to add to our sports simulation and pure esports product range, so watch this space!  

For more information on SIS Competitive Gaming, click the button below.   

SIS Competitive Gaming