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PRO FORM™ betting prompts provide accurate, real-time information that enables sportsbooks to grow turnover and drive customer engagement.

Customised betting prompts are generated utilising proprietary artificial intelligence-based technologies and are available in multiple languages. Real-time data ensures sportsbook data is easily accessible, accurate and dynamic.

PRO FORM™ has been created to help stimulate betting activity for operators and affiliates. We’ve seen an increase of up to 20% in betting activity as a result of providing this additional information to bettors.

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Form and Statistics

Comprehensive form and runner statistics from 28 countries, across all racing formats and available in multiple languages.

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Verdicts and tips

Summary of race and tips are automatically updated with market changes.

Verdicts provide an insightful summary of the race and the winning chances. The verdicts show the selections in a tip format.

Outputs can be configurable to customer needs.

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Runner comments

Individual runner comments, updated in real-time that present key insights into performance expectations.

Comments are unique to each customer to stimulate betting activity.

Multiple languages available.

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Speed matrix

Automated speed maps that illustrate predicted early and mid-point position in run.

Generated using intelligent proprietary statistical modelling and updated in real time.

Customers can adapt speed matrix data to suit preferred graphical format.

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Individual runners assigned a predicted performance rating against an easy-to-understand 100 point index.

The rating provides a unique insight in a standardised format as to expected horse performance.

Using a 100 point top rated scale, the expected winner is assigned a score of 100 and the other runners’ relative chances are applied to the scale.

The rating incorporates all key handicapping attributes and assigns one easy-to-understand rating to stimulate interest and turnover.

Key benefits

Real-time customer betting information

Helps improve the user experience and drive bettor engagement.

Increase betting turnover

Betting prompts such as form comments and speed maps ensure customers fully informed and increases their propensity to bet.

Increase betting activity by 20%

Grows betting activity by up to 20% enabling operators to increase turnover and helps with customer retention.

Increase customer retention

Offers media/affiliate sites a high retention rate of customers and drives higher revenues for affiliates.

Easy integration

All of our products are easy to integrate to ensure our partners can go live and drive revenue as quickly as possible. We provide support throughout and easy to follow documentation.

Commercial partnership

For over 30 years, SIS have worked in partnership to help operators maximise their revenues with our products and services.

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