SIS Greyhound Channel

More betting opportunities at the right time

The SIS Greyhound Channel provides the best live greyhound content at peak times, with  53 British & Irish fixtures (the most in the market) and 10 Mexican fixtures a week plus market-leading virtual greyhound racing, offering your customers a betting opportunity every 3 minutes to help drive profitable betting.

We are the leading trusted supplier of greyhound content globally with over 30 years’ experience and we supply 99% of the UK retail market as well as the biggest global online operators.

The SIS Greyhound channel combines all year round live British, Irish and Mexican greyhound racing, with high-quality virtual racing, offering over 80,000 events a year on one single channel.

Our service provides high-frequency betting opportunities allowing both online and retail operators to ensure that their punters are never more than three minutes away from a betting event, that is easy to understand and provides quick turnover. To view our SIS Greyhound Operating Standards please click here.

As part of the service, SIS provides pre-race data (including runners, recent form, race meetings) and race day data (including betting shows, starting prices and race results). Audio will be provided in English language as standard.

The SIS Greyhound Channel includes live racing from 9 UK tracks, 7 Irish tracks and 1 Mexican track plus market-leading virtual greyhound racing.

To view the SIS greyhound race schedule for w/c 12th July 2021 onwards please click here.

(This is correct as of 12th July 2021)

To view the previous month’s track stats please click here.

You can now view videos here of races from major competitions staged at
SIS UK tracks.

24/7 SIS Greyhound Channel
24/7 SIS Greyhound Channel
24/7 SIS Greyhound Channel

Features & Benefits

More UK and Irish betting opportunities at peak times

With 53 British & Irish fixtures a week (the most in the market) plus 10 Mexican fixtures a week and market-leading virtual greyhound racing, the channel offers your customers a betting opportunity every 3 minutes to help drive profitable betting

Better presentation of racing

2 camera angles will enhance your customers’ betting experience.

Betting opportunity every 3 minutes

With 80,000 betting events each year there will be a betting opportunity for your customers every 3 minutes throughout the day

Consistent betting margins

Competitive racing which provides good consistent betting margins

End-to-end solution

SIS is able to provide operators with all they need to offer customers a first-class product with live pictures, data, pricing and derivatives

Engage new audiences

New markets, especially spin and win style 50/50 ones, will attract new audiences as they don’t need any prior knowledge of greyhound racing to take part


The SIS Greyhound Channel can benefit both online and retail operators

Optimised for low latency

SIS Stream is capable of delivering content faster than traditional satellite methods ensuring a better experience for your customers

Additional Services

The SIS Greyhound Channel can be complemented by a number of SIS services allowing you to provide a better experience for your customers and saving you time and resources:

Audio commentary (non-standard)

Audio is provided in English language as standard. Additional languages offered on request

SIS Trading Services

In addition to the standard betting shows and starting prices included in the core service, SIS Trading Services can provide early pricing as well as derivative markets