49's Numbers Betting Content

Market-leading numbers portfolio offering operators highly profitable content 24/7.

Our popular numbers content provides retail and online bookmakers with a range of numbers products to appeal to a diverse betting audience to drive profitable betting 24/7.

Our portfolio offers operators over 550,000 betting events every year and includes the world famous 49’s Original Live Draw, 39’s, Fast 15’s, Irish Lotto Bet and World Lottos.
The range of live draws offers something for all types of customers, those who want to win big in the 49’s Original Live Draw to those who want a regular betting opportunity with Fast 15’s offering a draw every minute.

Product choice is flexible, which allows operators to implement our numbers games in a way that will work best for you. This means you can take a mixed stream of all of our numbers content for online or retail with a betting event every minute or you can take a number of separate single product streams to allow customers to just focus on their favourite draws. Alternatively, you could do both.

49’s The Original Live Draw

49’s is a market-leading fixed-odds live numbers product that provides online and retail operators globally with a high-quality, high-margin numbers draw. Our highly engaging live draws are presented by a team of well-loved presenters and currently drive significantly more revenue for operators than competitor products.

49’s has been globally popular for over 25 years with customers who love the chance to win big from a small stake with the pick of 6 balls from a 49 ball format. This high-integrity draw is overseen by an independent adjudicator.


An exciting new product from 49’s which will provide operators with regular live draws around every 15 minutes throughout the day with a schedule optimised for betting, when there is less
betting content. These ‘pick 5 from 39’ draws will give your customers the sense that they have a better chance of winning, whilst still offering operators a high-margin of around
27% – similar to 49’s.

Fast 15’s

Fast 15’s is a new numbers product from the popular 49’s brand. It is a high churn, live draw for operators designed to keep bettors engaged with a new draw every minute. The simple
to understand ‘pick 3 from 15’ format is accessible to everyone and proven to encourage viewers to re-invest winnings. Fast 15’s provide a consistent margin of 15% on average across the three most popular markets; Pick 1, Pick 2 or Pick 3.

Irish Lotto Bet

Based on the outcome of the Irish National Lotto, there are 3 draws every Wednesday and Saturday. With only 47 balls it offers more chances to win than other lottos.

World Lottos

49’s can provide your sportsbook or betting shops with an instant lotto zone made up of 17 different draws with at least 5 draws every day and 71 events per week. The World Lottos have something for everyone.

49’s Virtual Racing

49’s virtual racing is the number one virtual racing product in a number of key territories, driving significantly more revenue than competitor products. The 49’s virtual content is available through a number of SIS retail channels or can be delivered to sportsbooks via SIS’s market-leading streaming platform.  Racing includes action from Portman Park, Steepledowns, Sprint Valley, Millersfield and Brushwood.

Features & Benefits

Increase betting revenue

Over 500,000 high-margin betting events each year.

Attract new audiences

Universally understood product that is very popular with a wide demographic, including women.

Increase lifetime value of customers

24/7 content with a betting event every minute, means there is always a betting event to keep customer engaged.

Proven success

49’s significantly outperforms competitors in a number of key territories, including local lotteries!