Six reasons why greyhound racing is the perfect betting product

People have been racing greyhounds and betting on them in the UK for almost 100 years. But what is it about the sport of greyhound racing that makes it so great to watch, and to enjoy a bet on? Here is SIS’ quick and easy six-trap guide to why we love the dogs.


1 It’s great to watch. Greyhounds are racing athletes of tremendous grace, speed and power, so when you get six of them sprinting around a track together you produce a fast, thrilling, exciting spectacle.


2 It’s a simple sport to understand. There’s no great complications to greyhound racing and there’s just one question to answer… which of these dogs will pass the winning post first?


3 The British love their dogs and greyhounds are no exception. Great champions down the years like Mick The Miller, Scurlogue Champ and Ballyregan Bob all enjoyed devoted followings and enticed new generations of fans to the sport.


4 Most greyhound races last about half a minute so it’s quick and easy to digest for betting customers, either at the track, in high street bookmakers’ shops or watching on their own devices.


5 There’s loads of it. With less than 20 minutes between races, and dozens of tracks across the country, the UK and Ireland hosts tens of thousands of greyhound races each year. SIS brings 30,000 UK and Irish races to international customers across the globe, so punters in many countries can enjoy the action.


6 It may be a quick and simple sport but there are plenty of ways to bet on it. Whether it’s a simple win or place bet, an each-way selection or a forecast or trio bet, there are numerous options open to the greyhound punter.


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