SIS Horses In-Running tech to revolutionise Irish Racing

Previewed at the ICE Totally Gaming conference in London in February, our new in-running GPS tracking technology is set to be rolled out to Irish racecourses and could fundamentally change how punters bet on racing forever.

Current Betting Shop Manager of the Year, Ladbrokes’ Matt Howe, was one of the first to experience the technology when he visited the SIS stand at ICE. He shared his thoughts in a blog:

The main thing I had been waiting to see [at ICE] in action was SIS’ new GPS transmitter technology. They have devised a low-cost transmitter the size of a smart phone which is inserted into the saddlecloth and carried on the horse. This relays a horse’s racing line, speed, where it eases off the pace, and can highlight where it’s running faster than the main pack of runners and so on.

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Following the deal between SIS and HRI earlier this year, which sees SIS retain media rights for all HRI courses for the next five years, tracks in Ireland will be visited by SIS shortly for GPS and radio surveys, with a view to installing the technology needed to carry out accurate timing during races.

The initial application of the GPS technology will be sectional timing for races across all tracks including flat and jumps, a first for racing in Ireland.

Following a recent article on the Horses In-Running product, in April’s iGaming Business, SIS’ Product Manager, Alistair Clare stated: ‘SIS Horses In-Running is a revolutionary product recently that will bring a whole host of opportunities to the sport of horse racing’.

With the launch of the product scheduled for early 2017, following swiftly after the installation of the data gathering hardware, Clare explained to iGB just how the racing industry will benefit from this explosion of data, and it isn’t limited solely to operators:

The introduction of in-running data could also lead to huge developments for the wider horseracing industry, in terms of analysis, training, and media coverage.

Take bookmakers first. Limited to ante-post betting, their shutters go down from the second the traps open. In that moment, for that event, their business is essentially closed. With in-play, there’s less dead time, meaning more opportunity for more revenue. To begin with, it might just be the first ten seconds of a race. Then, as the pricing structures move from semi- to fully-automated, they’ll become much more reactive and bookmakers will be able to take bets throughout a race.

As the technology becomes more sophisticated, trainers will be able to see in-depth data on how their horse performs over the course of a race; its strengths, weaknesses, optimal distance and so on will be seen in black and white on a page.

Other opportunities will be in the development of new graphic and overlay services for TV production both in the studio and on-course.

Media commentators will be able to pick apart the numbers in the way that they already do on football, cricket and rugby. Reading a race will become easier for laymen fans, the sport then becomes more accessible. There are going to be a whole host of opportunities opening up, bringing additional revenues and innovation to the sport.

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SIS Horses In-Running is set to change horse racing forever, and the installation of GPS tracking technology at all HRI race courses is just the beginning. We look forward to keeping you up-to-date with future developments.