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High integrity helps drive betting revenue

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Dedicated integrity referee oversees every match

Every match is overseen by an ESIC trained integrity referee.

We follow ESIC best practice

We are a full ESIC member and follow and exceed their best practice guidance.

Rigorous player vetting

Extensive vetting of our players during the recruitment process and integrity training.

Real-time link between referees and trading

Full control of the event means we can suspend markets immediately in the unlikely event of suspicious activity.

SIS Competitive Gaming is supplied as an end-to-end solution, including live streamed pictures, commentary, on-screen graphic with betting triggers, data and a range of pre-event and in-play markets and prices.

Our games

“SIS Competitive Gaming really appealed to us, as it has specifically been created for betting operators, and the all-in-one offer provides an optimal betting experience. Since launching the 24/7 live streams in August, it has proved to be very popular with our customers, and the strong margins and average bet value are testament to the high levels of engagement”.

Darko Zivanov, Group CEO, Maxbet.

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