Esports built for betting,

Delivering superior margin

We deliver a superior margin against other esports betting products as we are built for betting.

Esports content built for betting

By focusing on bettor engagement, we’re able to deliver superior margin, 24/7 high- quality head-to-head esports content including CS:GO, Esoccer and Ebasketball.

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Betting commentary and graphics

Betting commentary from our team of professional commentators drives bettor engagement, as well as on-screen graphics to prompt betting eg: color coded gamers, form, results

Extensive pre-match and in-play markets and prices

We provide operators with up to 50 markets per match to help drive betting revenues.

High-integrity betting product

Each match is overseen by a visible integrity referee in our self contained UK based gamer studio, which ensures bettors have confidence in each match.

Competitive matches

Our head-to-head match ups between skilled gamers are evenly matched, using our proprietary ranking system, to help drive operator margin. We regularly review our gamer performances to ensure games are as competitive as possible.

2v2 format

24/7 Streaming

25,000 CS:GO matches a year

NEW 24/7 CS:GO

Now Available

SIS Competitive Gaming is supplied as an end-to-end solution, including live streamed video, betting commentary, on-screen graphics with betting triggers, data and a range of pre-event and in-play markets and prices.

Our games

“SIS Competitive Gaming really appealed to us, as it has specifically been created for betting operators, and the all-in-one offer provides an optimal betting experience. Since launching the 24/7 live streams, it has proved to be very popular with our customers, and the strong margins and average bet value are testament to the high levels of engagement”.

Darko Zivanov, Group CEO, Maxbet.

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