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G3 sat down with one of our CS:GO Competitive Gamers to discuss their role within SIS Competitive Gaming.

What inspired you to choose this career path?

Playing a lot of games! Growing up, my mum told me I’d get square eyes. I’ve followed the professional scene for Valorant and Counter-Strike for a long time and that inspired me.

Prior to joining Competitive Gaming, I’d put around 4,000 hours into CS:GO but I’m actually on the lower end hours wise. I have flown up the rankings through my reaction speed and game style, but there are others who have put 13,000+ hours into the game. I only got into CS:GO seven years ago so others have an advantage on me in that respect.

Does it feel like a job?

It does get tiring, but it’s fun. It’s not something I have to do, I want to, and it certainly doesn’t feel like a job. I’ve worked in warehouses and waitering, now they’re jobs. I can go to sleep at three o’clock in the morning and jump out of bed at six knowing I’m going to play CS:GO all day.

I used my first student finance to pay rent and purchase my first proper gaming piece. I promised my mum it was an investment so when I told her I got the job here she didn’t believe that I play video games for money. I tell my grandparents about people donating me money for streaming – now they really don’t understand.

How competitive is the rivalry with the colleagues you’re playing on a daily basis?

We’re all friends but when you get into the game it’s a different zone – you’re playing for yourself and your teammate. I forget about the pressure. My teammate and I are very competitive – even when we go home, we’re discussing line-ups and practising. The other guys know we’re the try hards!

In-game, how aware are you that a camera is fixed on your every facial expression and movement? Do you feel an onus to be entertaining off-screen as well as on-screen?

That depends on your playing style. In CS:GO I’m a very flashy player and aim heavy so I flick onto someone, one tap and move on. On the other hand, my teammate is a strategiser so we have a playing style where he supports me from behind. I’ll go in, do as much damage as possible then he can clean up. I don’t feel the need to be a personality on camera as my playstyle speaks for itself.


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