Time to Refocus

Paul Witten, Commercial Director at SIS, recently spoke to G3 magazine about the benefits to operators of utilising turnkey solutions and how, in doing so, they can concentrate their expertise on branding and marketing while their platform takes care of itself.

The past 12 months has seen a rush of new sportsbook operators enter the market as the cost of entry has been reduced dramatically though the use of third party suppliers. This is particularly the case when it comes to platform and trading services, with operators able to use a turnkey solution that takes care of things under the hood letting them focus on branding and marketing.

This is allowing new entrants to offer high-quality and sophisticated products with a diverse range of markets, without having to fork out substantial capital in building their own in-house technology and trading teams.

But turnkey solutions are not just of benefit to new operators in emerging jurisdictions, they offer just as many advantages and opportunities to established bookmakers in mature markets. These platforms and services make use of the suppliers’ vast knowledge and experience in their specific field to offer players the best possible experience.

Here at SIS we have been providing bookmakers, both retail and online, with data and pictures from greyhound and horse racing for more than 30 years. We recently boosted our offering with trading services, taking our proposition to the next level.

We aim to offer something to both ends of the market. Smaller operators in emerging jurisdictions who don’t have specialist knowledge, can tap into our experience and offer a competitive product to their customers’ players. This is vital for those looking to make a move on the highly competitive UK market where horse racing is a must have product.

On the other hand, larger operators and those on home turf can use our products and services to offer overseas racing markets. The experience required to do this is something the power players may no longer have as their businesses rely more heavily on automation.

Essentially, we can offer operators of any size the full package by giving them access to our data, pictures, and trading services. It is a powerful combination, and one that allows operators to get everything they need for a strong horse and greyhound product all from one trusted supplier.

Some argue that turnkey solutions take power and control away from operators, and prevent them from extracting the most value from the platform. But the opposite is true, particularly when it comes to making the most of innovative new features and tools that come to market.

Take our forthcoming product, for example. Our Horses In-Running Pricing service will collect in race data, process it through our algorithms and provide in-running prices for horse races, allowing operators to offer in-running markets for the very first time.

The new bookmakers entering the market of late have been able to benefit from third party suppliers who are making it cheaper for them to deliver an exciting range of content across a range of sports. They understand that operators need to avoid being one-trick ponies by offering their players the widest possible range of verticals, games, features, and tools.

As such, they have moved to fill their portfolios with additional games, with virtual sports seeing a huge spike in popularity as a result. It is something we can facilitate through our Virtuals Connect platform, which makes use of the reliability and low-latency of our SIS Stream platform.

Operators looking to add such modules to their legacy platforms are often hit with difficult and lengthy integrations and complex set-up processes. With a turnkey solution, much of the hard work has already been done which means flicking the switch on additional games such as virtuals is almost instantaneous.

Whether a new operator looking to make a name for themselves in new and established markets, or large operators looking to cement their position at the top of the table, turnkey solutions offer a compelling package.

At their heart bookmakers are not technologists, they are big brands that require a lot of effort to remain relevant and exciting to their customers.

With customer demand changing at such a rapid pace, operators can benefit from the investment in innovation by their third-party suppliers. Choosing turnkey solutions means operators can focus on what they do best, while their technology pretty much looks after itself.

Paul Witten has been commercial director at SIS since 2014, and is responsible for enhancing the company’s betting products including video and data delivery, as well as focusing on the continued development of SIS’s customer relationships. With more than 10 years’ experience in betting and gaming, Paul has developed expertise in eGaming, mobile and eCommerce, and built strong relationships in the industry

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