Thinking Outside the Box

Originally published in G3 Magazine September issue – Head of Production and Data Operations Andy Purkiss speaks about how modern technology is providing retail operators with a much more personalised and cost-effect in shop TV solution.

Innovation has been the watchword in the online betting world in recent times as operators look for new features which will provide them with a competitive advantage to improve their product offer to their customers and profits.

The challenge for many omni-channel operators is how does that innovation enhance the customer experience, across a diverse set of channels like retails, online and mobile.
In-shop TV channels have been a popular tool for retail operators over the years, with high-quality production values enhancing the retail customer experience.

However, the costs to operators for their own branded TV channels can be a challenge for some, as operating the traditional gallery-based production studio requires a high headcount.
But through improved technology and out of the box thinking, operators will soon be able to flick the switch on a TV service which is both tailored to their needs and at a price which doesn’t stretch the budget.

Affordable content
One of the key costs of a dedicated betting shop channel are the galleries with their banks of screens and their teams which control the content that goes out. But new technologies can now provide a more cost-effective way to fill the schedules.

Complex Automated Production (CAP) is a new software solution developed by SIS, which allows operators to have their own bespoke branded TV channels at a relatively lower cost than previously and which can be delivered to any broadcast system required.
The cost of deploying a customer channel through the CAP system is significantly less than it would be through traditional broadcast technologies, which opens up the opportunities for operators to take the service for the first time.

Personalised touch
Personalisation is becoming an increasingly important part of the customer experience. With many major companies such as Amazon, Netflix and YouTube placing a huge amount of focus in this area with recommendation engines and a personalised experience, it’s a model most operators are looking to adopt too.

Many online sportsbooks have in recent times introduced personalised features to enhance the sports betting experience, which in turn has led to an increase in turnover for some as players appreciate the tailored approach. None more so than cash out, which gives users control over the destiny of their bet and has become a standard feature for many sportsbooks. Request a bet style markets have also grown in popularity too, particularly with millennials who request odds via an operator’s social media account.

Advancements in technology can also provide a customised approach to the in-shop betting experience too, giving operators greater flexibility. With CAP, the system allows operators to choose which events and schedules to show across their retail estate. Plus, the multi-platform can provide outputs to any distribution platform on an individual basis, matching each customer’s own requirements.

There’s a greater variety of content to choose from too, with the opportunity to combine content distributed by SIS, an operator’s bespoke content and virtual sports. Not only can this provide companies with a competitive edge, it can also help to broaden the appeal of shops and open up the opportunity to capture a new audience for retailers.

The technology is already live with Paddy Power across its retail estate, with the new bespoke TV service allowing the bookmaker to show different events in different shops. With a new streamlined process and tailored approach, Paddy Power TV is creating a more fulfilling customer experience. With its flexible functionality at an affordable price, CAP more than fits the bill for operators big and small looking for a cost effective branded TV channel solution.

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