SIS and Tabcorp herald new UK greyhound partnership after flying start

We are pleased to announce that a recent UK greyhound deal we signed with Australia’s leading gambling and entertainment company, Tabcorp has seen some very promising initial results. Tabcorp’s racing media arm, Sky Racing started showing pictures across Australia from UK stadia in February after we struck a deal to supply them with UK greyhound racing live pictures and data.

Despite only a soft launch, the meetings have proved popular with the Australian market, with Tabcorp pleased with the turnover generated by the racing product. Brett Gorman, General Manager of International at Tabcorp, said: “Early indications show our customers have welcomed the new greyhound racing product from the UK. Although most of the coverage so far has been late at night or early morning, the feedback we have received has been very positive”

We are currently broadcasting two race meetings a day to Australia using Tabcorp’s extensive global communications network. The picture and data feeds are augmented with Tabcorp’s own local, in-house commentary for the Australian audience, and pictures are broadcast from late night through to the early hours of the morning. As we move into summer, the shorter time difference between Australia and the UK, will provide an even better timeslot for the coverage. We will be working closely with Tabcorp to look at expanding the coverage after pleasing figures during the first month of trading, with Commercial Director Paul Witten declaring himself delighted with its reception.

He added: “We couldn’t be more pleased with how the first month has gone with Tabcorp, and its great news that they are already looking to increase coverage. There are some minor differences between the two country’s formats, noticeably the number of runners in each race, but the UK and Australia are two sports-mad populations and we’re talking about a very high quality sports product here. It also demonstrates how successful UK greyhounds can be in overseas markets, and I’m very confident that this will help SIS further enhance its international reach.”

SIS acquired the rights to stream BAGS greyhound racing to international customers in 2015. The deal allows SIS to provide coverage from 20 UK tracks featuring almost 30,000 races each year and operate similar deals in mainland Europe and South Africa. For more information on how your sportsbook can benefit from a first-class betting product please click here