Quickfire opportunities, consistent returns for your sportsbook

SIS aim to maximise value for operators by creating short form betting events, providing quick and frequent betting opportunities for your customers. These short form betting opportunities will keep your customers online and in-shop for longer.

SIS Greyhound Content

SIS Greyhound Content

With 26,000 races a year and a race taking place every 8 minutes during regular shop opening hours* SIS greyhound content can help engage your customers and increase dwell time

We can provide your sportsbook with live pictures, audio, data (pre-race and race day) as well as prices and derivatives to enable you to get an end to end solution from a single trusted supplier.

Greyhound racing is easy to understand for your customers with races always featuring 6 dogs in the same colours running in similar conditions regardless of the track the racing is taking place at. This along with our “spin and win” markets (odds vs evens or matched bets) allow greyhounds to be enjoy by new audiences.

The SIS greyhound content is made up of racing from 8 UK tracks and 3 Irish tracks.

UK Greyhound Racing
A minimum of 39 meetings per week, 52 weeks a year, between 10am and 10.30pm.

We collect and distribute content from the following UK tracks:
Central Park, Crayford, Doncaster, Harlow, Henlow, Hove, Monmore and Romford.

Irish Greyhound Racing
A minimum of 3 meetings per week, 52 weeks a year, between 10am and 10.30pm.

We collect and distribute content from the following Irish tracks:
Youghal, Tralee and Mullingar.

To view the full 2018 race schedule please click here and for race times click here. Please note that this schedule will take effect on 1st January 2018 and is correct as of 15th December 2017

Features and Benefits

Trading Services
SIS provides pre-race data and race day data as standard

Increased betting opportunities
Over 26,000+ races from 9am to 10:30pm (UK time) seven days a week

Professional Service
Each track adheres to SIS Operating Standards to ensure a professional and consistent service. To find out more about the standards please click here.

Consistent margins
Competitive racing which provides good consistent margins, which will help drive profit

Comprehensive data
Full data included with easy integration (technical assistance provided)

Quick and frequent short form betting events
Meets customer needs for quick and frequent betting opportunities with races every 8 minutes

Opportunity to appeal to a younger customer base
Under 25s have a high interest in short form content

The service is also able to support either a bet and watch or watch and bet model

Optimised for low latency
SIS Stream can deliver content faster than traditional satellite methods ensuring a better experience for your customers

Additional Services

SIS greyhound content can be complemented by a number of SIS services allowing you to provide a better experience for your customers and saving you time and resources:

  • Audio commentary (non-standard) – Audio is provided in English language as standard.
    Additional languages offered on request
  • SIS Trading Services – In addition to the standard betting shows and starting prices included in the core service, SIS Trading Services compile odds for a range of markets. Please click here for more information.
  • Live racing channel – Offers a live racing channel solution that can be branded and tailored to your needs.  Added flexibility of choosing which content and schedules to show across your retail estate. (Software solution created by SIS)

Delivery Solutions

  • Satellite – Content delivered via our established satellite network
  • Streaming – IPTV content delivery via internal network, internet or IP network **.

** Please note that this delivery method is restricted to certain territories and channels. Please contact SIS for more information.


How can SIS guarantee the competitiveness of the dog racing?

  • SIS is working in conjunction with the tracks, trainers and betting operators on a number of initatives to ensure the racing is competitive. See here for more info